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Unwittingly inviting in the very thing we fear

Social media is ... as we know ... a Trojan Horse. Our willing reliance on it allows the algorithms to suck out the bone marrow of our relationships.

For example. Two days ago I posted to Facebook a 46 year old photo of a bunch of hairy Scottish boys in kilts standing on a 2,000 year old Roman ruin of a wall built to keep my kind of oik away from civilisation. (Not much changed then when it comes to the welcome I receive from some circles).

Today I am inundated by algorithm-driven adverts including this one ...

  • "This is how over 10,000 people are crushing their fitness goal right now. The Hadrian’s Wall, a 90 miles Virtual Challenge that takes you along the historic Hadrian’s Wall path across the north of England."

No thanks Hadrian Wall Challenge. But we are, of course, snookered. The undeniable benefits of social media come at a cost. In this case it's simply irritating. My worry is that sometimes it must be worse than that.

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