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"And yet, one can't forever stand on the shore;                                  at some point,     filled with indecision,           scepticism, reservation          and doubt,              you either jump in            or concede that life is forever


- Arthur Miller

I am in danger of becoming an (even grumpier) old man. But not just yet.

I was born in Glasgow. I've made my way to Canberra in Australia which is -- to be honest -- something of a surprise. 

Thirty-plus years ago I broke my neck in a couple of places, swimming off Portobello beach not far from Edinburgh (the city to which my heart belongs). There was an event I never saw coming. But what can one say? Shit happens.

So what's all this about then?

Bits of me and my story, prompted by suggestions by friends and fellow activists that I document my experiences of joining Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Already, I have a sense it's going to be something more than that. Typical really. No damn discipline.

14 March 2018 (Day 1)

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