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The magnificent seven

I have been doing this stuff for over 40 years. Are we there yet?

Even when you're tired of it (as one sometimes is) it still matters. And despite the setbacks ... of which there have been one or two, or several, or too many to count ... we're still moving forward.

We are still ahead of where we were when I signed up for the first time. More to do. And then I'll be dead (just not yet please).

Mask made for me this morning by Spike Deane so no one could complain I'm protesting and causing the the death of democracy through the spread of COVID-19 ... which I don't have, by the way. Actually, I suffer from incurable Scottish Presbyterianism (lapsed faction) Marxist-Leninism ... which is not terminal but may be mildly absurd.

Sometimes, I think I talk a lot of nonsense.

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