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Suburbanites on Sunday

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Sunday shopping in the suburban capital of the universe is not one of life's hardships. Scrambled eggs with kimchi for brunch at The Public Place café at Chisholm shops is the limit of my appetite for adventure (some days).

Spike pulling shopping trolley down pedestrian path to local shops.
Spike on the way to our local shops (and Sunday brunch)
Dougie wearing his straw hat at a café table with kimchi scrambled eggs in a bowl for brunch
Sunday brunch at The Public Place, Chisholm

In the local Coles supermarket, though, I encountered ways in which the quintessential life of your typical Aussie suburban shopper is not like it used to be. Green banana flour for baking. When did this happen and who knew?

Everyone but me, it seems.

Close up of packet of green banana flour on a shelf in a Coles supermarket.
Who knew?

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