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Paris Part Deux -- Not another art gallery

When we decided to cross Europe by many trains I went straight to the very best web site in the whole Internet -- without a doubt -- if you want reliable information about train travel. Anywhere. Everywhere.

The whole world by train. Here. The Man in Seat Sixty-One

I wanted to know about travelling by train between Scotland and Puglia in southern Italy, where Stephanie and Joe (my brother) own a Trullo with 90 olive trees and many fruit trees (although they've had a very hard, bone dry spring -- so not so much fruit). The Man in Seat Sixty-One (TMIS61) told me everything I needed to know.

Trains to Italy depart from Gare de Lyon. That's why we are staying in a hotel nearby. Ten minutes to get to the station tomorrow morning. In the information page about Gare de Lyon, TMIS61 mentioned Le Train Bleu restaurant which is described as " national monument (and an experience) as much as a place to eat!"

After our long day in Paris today it was either cheap and cheerful on the way to an Ibis or dinner in a national monument. We chose Le Train Blue. Thank you Man in Seat Sixty-One.

It is a bit beyond description. Like dinner might have been in the Palace of Versailles. But better food. Less sycophantic staff.

We ate too much.

Langoustine for Spike, Morels for me to start. Monkfish tail for two sautéed at the table by Armand. Crepe Suzette for me. Soufflé for Spike.

Like dining in the Louvre. A very fine way to say au revoir to this city.

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