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I'm only human ...

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

It may well be possible that in the 'heat' of debate our Prime Minister misspoke on telly. But it's not simply "one word" as some have disingenuously suggested.

The current Prime Minister's deflection of a voter's vital question about savage & harmful cuts to #NDIS plans expressed his redundant & useless world view. He feeds off and reinforces ideas that we are / I am / people with disability are a burden to be borne, that we do not contribute, that we are somehow 'other', not normal.

Well, Prime Minister? Not me.

So ... PM .. thank you (in a perverse way) for giving me a good reason to remind the world I am / we are "only human after all".

I am neither "blessed" nor cursed. I am not tragic, not brave, neither hero nor villain. I am much, much more complex than those binary options. I don't need pity & I don't want praise. #WeVote #DefendOurNDIS Support Every Australian Counts campaign's day of action 28 April.

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