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A kitten came looking for breakfast

I sat in the shade of a Trullo.

A kitten came calling for breakfast.

Then mum came.

Then they came.

Then later we wandered down long streets,

And lost streets.

We witnessed a wedding,

And watched people talking,

And sat by the fountain.

And when the moon rose we went home.

The pace of life is slower in Puglia.

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1 Comment

Neil Roden
Neil Roden
Jun 23, 2022

Hi Dougie

you probably won’t remember me but we were in the Tufty Club together at Stirling Univ - not quite the only Jags fans there but nearly ! I came across something in the Aussie Guardian where you were mentioned ( my son was in Melbourne for 5 years and my daughter has been in Sydney for 6 years ) …. We are just back from 2 months there. So I’ve picked up on your travels ‘home’ and just wanted to say hi and hope your well

neil roden

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