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Reality Writes -- Brief 13 -- Create a unique recipe

Dinner at the Bates Motel.

Regrettably the kitchen at the Bates Motel is closed indefinitely while the management recruits its new chef to replace our former cook, Mrs Bates, who retired some months ago. There is a full-service diner within ten miles for guests requiring a hot meal menu.

For more relaxed dining options the management can provide a limited room service menu. Our specialty is the famous Bates’s Club Sandwich Combo.


Sandwiches & Milk

  • 4 slices of white bread – thickly cut with a specially sharpened knife

  • 1 plate of sliced meat – ham, pork, chicken or beef (subject to availability)

  • 1 plate of sliced cheese (optional)

  • Butter

1 large jug of milk


First butter your bread. Place sliced ham on bread (or eat directly with fork – provided). Add cheese (or, if eating directly with fork, follow same procedure as ham). Add second slice of bread on top of ham and/or cheese (unless eating with fork – provided).

Serve milk from jug at room temperature.

Repeat until bread and/or ham and/or cheese have been consumed.

Please be advised that because of demand for our room service the motel’s management cannot give a precise time for the delivery of the Bates’s Club Sandwich Combo. We therefore advise guests to shower after dining.

With our compliments

Norman Bates

Manager, Bates Motel

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