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Reality Writes -- Brief 12 -- Set a riddle to be solved

In 1931 the possibly confused but adoring Amazon Liar had been struck in the heart since he first saw her. Which could almost be a numerical anagram of the year the unreasonable man gave us the model for a reasonable woman who would, in the 1960s, get it, by George, thanks to inclement weather (but not hurricanes, which hardly ever happen).

One need have neither cider nor Rosie, however, to follow at least one man on a summer’s morning in the direction of the place that had also drawn one of the lost generation who, at least, found his one and only play, and one of four wives. Or so they both assert in writing.

But where?

Solve as much of the riddle as you can. Name each of the following:

  • The country

  • Two songs that mention the country in their titles

  • Three singers (maybe 4)

  • Three of the maybe 4 singers better known as actors

  • One play that became a TONY winning Broadway musical that became an 8-time Oscar winning movie

  • ​Name the play and playwright

  • Name the creators of the musical

  • Name the musical / movie

  • One quintessential English memoir writer

  • One 20th Century iconic American novelist

  • A renowned war correspondent

  • One artist

  • The painting.

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